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NSDate isBetween

FontanoFontano Posts: 150Registered Users
edited February 2009 in iOS SDK Development
I did a few searches, but could not find a built in way to do a simple isBetween check for NSDates

So I wrote this up, and wanted to share in case anyone else was looking to do it.

(And also if someone knows of a different way)

@interface NSDate (Extend)
- (BOOL)isBetween:(NSDate *)dateStart:(NSDate *)dateEnd;

@implementation NSDate (Extend)

- (BOOL)isBetween:(NSDate *)dateStart:(NSDate *)dateEnd {
	if ([self compare:dateEnd] == NSOrderedDescending)
		return NO;
	if ([self compare:dateStart] == NSOrderedAscending) 
		return NO;
	return YES;


Then you can do a simple check on your date
NSDate *dateToCheck;
NSDate *dateRangeStart;
NSDate *dateRangeEnd;

BOOL isBetween = [dateToCheck isBetween:dateRangeStart :dateRangeEnd];

The code above return true if the dateToCheck IS EQUAL to either of the range ends.
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  • bgeerdesbgeerdes Posts: 99Registered Users
    edited February 2009
    Another way would be to convert the NSDates to NSTimeIntervals (via timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate), which are basically doubles, and compare those.
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