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El Capitan: Boot Camp Not Getting Recognized By Parallels

LooN3yLooN3y Posts: 177Registered Users @ @
edited June 2015 in iOS SDK Development
Damn, I got excited to try out the new features in El Capitan that instead of making another virtual machine, installed it on my main OS.

I use this for work and i have a boot camp partition that I also use for work (Develop apps that links to our main system [Windows Based])

After I updated to the beta version, I couldn't start up my Boot Camp partition using Parallels, I tried everything.

Installing with out a source and trying to select my boot camp, but it can't be found.

I booted off windows so I know its fine, anyone have any suggestions? Am I screwed?

My Boot Camp partition doesn't even show up :\


It does show up on Finder though



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