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Helicopter Game Help

michael243michael243 Posts: 1New Users Noob
I've been making a helicopter game, just so I can get grips with Xcode...

The tutorial I followed worked well with the iPhone 4 screen size, I have now changed it to iPhone 6 but now the objects lag when should just flow so you can't see the break when the screen has finished and carried back on, I will attach some screenshots to make this easier to understand...

The thing I need help with is making the objects flow onto the screen and not just look like its the same screen repeating and repeating etc..

In the second file I've added you can see that when the background objects get so far it repeats but the issue I have is the lag it has that it repeats so you can clearly see that it is reloading?

I'm quite a noob and this has been happening for the last couple of day, if anybody can help me sort this issue I'll offer a suitable reward.

BONUS issue, see in the second photo the bottom blue objects are showing a gap in between the bottom blue line and then the object, is there any way to fix it? It works well on the top as you can see there's no random gap that shows that the objects are clearly added onto the lines and then randomly placed afterwards via code, I'm happy with how it works at the top but not so happy with how it works on the bottom for this issue.

Many Thanks
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