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How to load storyboard of a subproject ?

ubunterosubunteros Posts: 40New Users @

I have a projectA that is a full working project (IOS app). I have realised i need to add this projectA into a superprojectB. The goal is to embedd and display all the projectA if i click on a button.

I should have miss something because i can't load the storyboard from the subprojectA.
I have try to add things in build phase but each time i get a error.

Is it only possible to add static or framework library without storyboard ?

I don't understand, there is no documentation or example over the net, that make me think it's just not possible.

Is it possible ?
If yes, can you provide a quick step by step ?


  • ryantcbryantcb Posts: 667Registered Users @ @ @
    What are the errors? Im guessing you'll need to update some syntax and maybe some depreciated methods
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