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How to Evaluate javascript response from service data in ios xcode?

ioslearnerioslearner HyderabadPosts: 1New Users Noob
I am getting list of questions from service data and am showing them in web view, of which few questions are having buttons. When i click on that button it showing sub questions related to that main question. All these questions are in java script. The example for same response kindly check the below response.

Questions==<b font STYLE="color:#006699">Is communication maintained daily through both normal and abnormal conditions?</b><img src="../../../Images/Ops/VV/bulb.jpg" button id='Button1' onclick='return GetChildElement(1);'></button><div class='divHide'><ul type="disc" style="color:#FF0000" ><li>This must be demonstrated and confirmed.</li></ul></div>
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