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UIButton to play when user touch drags their finger across the screen - Objective-C

ic00042ic00042 SheffieldPosts: 14New Users *
So I have a keyboard comprised of UIButtons that each contain an individual sound per button.
The sounds play when the user taps the button but I would like to know how I could get it to play when the user slide drags their touch on the screen like a piano glissando without lifting their finger off the screen.


  • SundialSoftSundialSoft Posts: 307Registered Users @ @
    sounds like you don't need the buttons as such. You just need to know where the touch is on screen to fire the appearance of a button down so possibly just have image view in which you swap images of the keyboard key in normal then depressed ?
  • C6Silver05C6Silver05 SeattlePosts: 632New Users @ @ @
    Gesture recognizer.
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