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Missing required modules while running the dynamic library in another application #1316

prasmat2000prasmat2000 USPosts: 1New Users Noob

I'm pretty new to this forum, hoping to get help from somebody with this issue described below.

I am creating a dynamic framework which contains all the frameworks listed below.

github "Alamofire/Alamofire" ~> 3.3
github "Hearst-DD/ObjectMapper" ~> 1.2
github "DaveWoodCom/XCGLogger" ~> 3.3
github "SwiftyJSON/SwiftyJSON"
github "krzyzanowskim/CryptoSwift"
github "iosdevzone/IDZSwiftCommonCrypto"
github "ashleymills/Reachability.swift"
github "ViccAlexander/Chameleon"
github "Alamofire/AlamofireImage" ~> 2.0
github "akosma/SwiftMoment"

My dynamic framework is getting build properly but when I use my dynamic framework in my app project I am getting the following error;

Missing required modules : 'Alamofire','XCGlogger','SwiftMoment','AlamofireImage','Chameleon','Reachability','IDZSwiftCommonCrypto','CryptoSwift','SwiftyJSON','ObjectMapper'

Do I need to do anything extra to link my carthage> build > ios frameworks into my project?

Any help would be appreciated..

Carthage version: 0.16.2
Xcodebuild -version: Xcode 7.3.1 Build version 7D1014
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