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Help with "front-end" UI/UX iOS dev (Xcode 7, Swift 2)

essxivessxiv Posts: 1New Users Noob

I'm a decently knowledgable web dev.

I'm new to using XCode 7 and swift 2.
I have a previously created app that i'm working on now.
It is pretty developed, and my job is only doing mostly UI changes (colors, text, css, ect).

I'm not sure how to do these UI changes.
For example, I have a file called feed which displays the posts for every user. It shows as a beautiful "css" screen in the simulator (ios app) and on the actual app, but the storyboard file is like completely blank.. There is only 2 files in this folder, the storyboard and the .swift file.

Could someone help me understand how to easily edit "css" in ios apps, and why some .xib/storyboard files don't look ANYTHING like the actual in the app?

Thanks for any help, will keep this for on-going questions for the duration of my project.



  • RodoxydRodoxyd FrancePosts: 14New Users *

    The job is always more than "only doing..." ;-)
    Maybe the storyboard is blank because all components are added in code.
    My advice:
    Start to learn how to dev an iOS app before trying to modify one knowing nothing about it.
    A really good book for that:

    Good luck!
  • ColaDudeColaDude Posts: 3New Users Noob
    Is your storyboard file containing a UIWebView? Also editing CSS in Xcode isn't an idea even worth trying. I'm confused how your Storyboard and 1 swift file displays "CSS" beautiful without more details?
    iOS development using iOS elements like UITableViews, UISwitches, UISliders, UIButtons, etc. are the ways to build up an iOS app in general. Using CSS to build an iOS app using Interface Builder and Xcode is a nightmare. I would look at development environments like PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium if your strengths lay in HTML, CSS, JavaScript ideals. If your wanting to learn Swift2 and Xcode then you'll unfortunately have to forgot or set aside your web development experience because very little of it applies assuming your not just needing a UIWebview to display something.

    Second your storyboard files are probably "squares" to help remind you that you're in a view that will adapt to a given screen size and you'll have to understand how to use "constraints" in Interface Builder make your designs look the way you want them to look. CSS won't help you with that. Again assuming your not designing with a UIWebView in mind as the end result. Of course all this stuff gets a little easier with each iOS and Xcode release. Like Xcode 8 and iOS 10 for example show you screen layouts a lot easier and laying them out is a little bit easier then with Xcode7 and iOS9. Still will have to use constraints and iOS development approaches to get the app made instead of trying to force web development knowledge into an iOS project. I hope that makes sense? If not please clarify and I'll try again.

    Best of luck with the app.
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