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Static UITableViews or UIImageView backgrounds?

ColaDudeColaDude Posts: 3New Users Noob
edited June 2016 in iOS SDK Development
Sorry to post this here, but my design guy I'm working with frequents other forums often... anyway.... How would you approach this from a user interface direction. I will be using Storyboards for the UI. I don't think the designer understands 2x, @ 3x, and Adaptive Layout because he supplied different backgrounds and images for the question and answers section for all different sized devices. His header views are all different sizes, his nav bars are all different sizes from one screen to the next. The "other" field when checked has to expand (Which means his background images would have to expand too, which of course they won't). Would you just use his background images or would you programmatically build a lot of grouped table views that adapts to the screen sizes. Below is a sample of what I'm trying to convey. I'm dealing with a pixel-perfectionist so he will notice if I don't use all his art assets for all the different devices. He wants this to be more quiz and fill-in-the-form based then a "list of scrolling cells" type of thing. Maybe static tableviews in Storyboards or actually use his image backgrounds? Using his images seems very hacky and messy, yet using the other approach (trying to implement custom grouped table views) seems like it won't get him his pixel-perfect layouts he wants. I'm kind of stunned on how much art assets he sent if he isn't expecting me to use them. What would you do if your under a deadline and your handed this mess of confusion? So basically he has specific font sizes, specific images for each device, yet we are developing in an adaptive model. I would have to code for each individual device type or screen size and check every time I need to place an image somewhere what device I am on. Seems really messy.

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