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obj-c to swift

dickthedevdickthedev Posts: 214Registered Users @ @
edited October 2016 in iOS SDK Development
Hi, I have an old app in obj-c, I would like to translate it to swift. Despite what I read, I am not quite sure how to use the convert to swift feature in Xcode. Can some one give me a guidance? Thanks. I am mainly confused about how the .h and .m on the obj-c side merge into one .swift
on the swift side


  • ryantcbryantcb Posts: 667Registered Users @ @ @
    There is no convert to swift option. There is though a convert to swift modern syntax. Thats for people on swift 1, 2.3 to update to 2.3, 3 respectively.

    The only way to convert a project in Obj-C to swift is to write it all again in swift.
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