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Add image to bar button item

dickthedevdickthedev Posts: 214Registered Users @ @
Hello, I want to add a small image to a Bar Button Item. In order to keep the code small, I followed this link How to add custom image in navigation bar button item?, used this method to add the image in InterfaceBuilder,

"Do this. It's way more simple. Put the image file in your project directory Add the file into Xcode (Right click on the Xcode project, add files to "Project Name") Select your UIBarButtonItem in Storyboard Click on "Image" and find your image (See Screenshot) Celebrate, because it will work perfectly and it requires no unnecessary code. enter image description here"

Granted that this suggestion was down voted.

I still want to understand why this does not work, because all I am getting is a blue square without the actual image. Is it a bug with Interface Builder or I did something wrong? Can this be fix without additional code? Thanks
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