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iTunesConnect External Testing Build Problem

erdinc27erdinc27 TurkeyPosts: 396Registered Users @ @
I want to send a new build to all testers. I use External Testing. I did it many times before. But in these days i am facing a problem. I upload the binary and refresh itunesconnect page. Then the new build looks "Processing" mode. But a couple of minutes later it disappears and when i try to upload a new binary with new version number lets say Version 1.24 it gives error says there is such a build already. But i cant see it when i clicked "Add New Build To Test". Is it my fault or something wrong with iTunesConnect ?


  • erdinc27erdinc27 TurkeyPosts: 396Registered Users @ @
    My solution is in my situation was adding Privacy Camera and Privacy Photo Library permissions in plist. I hope that solution works well also for the people who face with that problem.
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