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IOS Development: Application Development for iOS

susanmicheal2346susanmicheal2346 GermanyPosts: 1New Users Noob
edited July 3 in iOS SDK Development
Lately I'm spending a lot of time developing applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Many of you may wonder how you can start in this world. Well, for you is this article.

There are a series of minimum requirements to start:

A Mac: to be able to develop we will use tools that are only currently available for the MacOSX operating system. Therefore, this is the best opportunity we will have to justify the purchase of any of the equipment that Apple offers.
X-Code: is the development environment that Apple provides to develop applications for both MacOSX and all its iOS devices (iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad). Provides a device simulator where you can test our applications without the need of an Apple device. This software is free and comes standard on our original MacOSX DVD. You can also download it from the address .
Minimum programming knowledge in any language: We will need to know concepts such as variables, functions, comparisons, loops, etc. Without this, the world of Objective-C (language used for the development of iOS and MacOSX) is going to make us too uphill. If this is not your case, start by downloading practical programming manuals from the Internet, and get these concepts before you continue.

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