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Can you change font size in Xcode?

David H DennisDavid H Dennis Posts: 49Registered Users
edited June 2008 in iOS SDK Development
I tried using the preferences to switch my font size from Monaco 10 to Monaco 12 or 14 and I got bigger text but it was all smooshed together like it was still using the character spacing for 10.

Is there any larger font that will work? The tiny font is messing with my eyes :-(. I tried Monaco, Courier and Optima, and they all did the same (unreadable) thing when increased to a readable size. (Well, Optima actually gave me text that looked in an entirely different language - go figure.)

Many thanks for any thoughts.

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  • boneheadbonehead Posts: 225Registered Users
    edited June 2008
    Hm I just tried switching to Monaco 12 and 14 using Xcode preferences, and it seems to work ok.

    You're using the beta6 sdk with 10.5.3 ?
  • joncjonc Posts: 313Registered Users
    edited June 2008
    It works for me too, but only when I change it under the fonts menu. Fonts->Show Fonts (or cmnd+t).
  • jeff_lamarchejeff_lamarche Posts: 420Registered Users
    edited June 2008

    It sounds like you have a problem somewhere. Can you use these fonts in other programs okay? Optima should definitely not look like another language - it's got all the roman glyphs, and Monaco is a TrueType monospaced font, so you definitely shouldn't be seeing that behavior. Not sure what could be causing it - could be corrupted fonts, but I doubt it. Not even sure how to debug, to be honest. I might try re-installing Leopard (not a clean install, just an install of the core components, which should replace any corrupted frameworks and fonts, and then run Software Update).
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