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Cannot get TextureTool to work...

SledKnightSledKnight Posts: 20Registered Users
edited July 2009 in iOS SDK Development

This is ridiculous... can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I try to execute texturetool with this command:
texturetool -e PVRTC --channel-weighting-linear --bits-per-pixel-4 -o ImageL4.pvrtc -p ImageL4.png Image.png

And all I get back is:
-bash: texturetool: command not found

I'm not from the Mac world... I don't understand Terminal... this is driving me nuts...
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  • fbronnerfbronner Posts: 92Registered Users
    edited July 2009

    You are missing a path statement.

    Make sure you have the 2 following lines in your .bash_profile in your home directory.

    export PATH

    You can add them by using the following command when you open a terminal
    open /Applications/ ~/.bash_profile

    Good luck
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