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Draw Animated circle in iPhone using Core Graphics

hemalimojidrahemalimojidra Posts: 12Registered Users
edited September 2011 in iOS SDK Development
Hello Friends

Here i have attached Xcode Project for "How to draw animated circles in UIView".

Use it if you find any difficulty with core graphics.

hemali mojidra
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  • emlomaremlomar Posts: 1New Users
    edited May 2010
    Thanks for this great sample! You saved my day!
  • Flying HamsterFlying Hamster Posts: 17Registered Users
    edited May 2010
    Thanks for this a good reference!
  • vu_povu_po Posts: 1New Users
    edited November 2010
    Many thanks for your sample !
  • krishnagniyeskrishnagniyes Posts: 1New Users
    edited June 2011
    Thanks a lot for this Sample.....:)
  • glassfishglassfish Posts: 1New Users
    edited September 2011
    a simple fix to the crash when you click Stop is to use the "invalidate" method instead of "release" on your NSTimer object "startDrawArcAnimationTimer".

    So, in other words, instead of:
    [startDrawArcAnimationTimer release];


    [startDrawArcAnimationTimer invalidate];
  • sureshreddissureshreddis londonPosts: 1New Users Noob
    i dint see the project here. Can someone please attach project here.
  • Duncan CDuncan C Posts: 9,116Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @
    i dint see the project here. Can someone please attach project here.

    The original post is from 2011. I'm guessing that the account the user used to host the file is no longer valid.

    The OP last posted in 2012, so he/she may be gone.
    Duncan C

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    I'm available for one-on-one help at CodeMentor
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