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Problem with picture album viewing

BeerandBaconBeerandBacon Posts: 8New Users
edited February 2011 in iOS SDK Development
Alright guys, I'm new here so take it easy on me. My developer and I are working on what I think are two very simple picture viewing apps. For some reason when he sends me the apps the do not work on my iphone. He's sent me one other app that has been succssful, so I know I have my UUID in order.

Here's what happens:

App #1 is supposed to have a bg image then 4 thumdnails ... tap the thumbnail get the big image and then you can scroll through the pics in each album as needed. Once I get to the album list and tap an album name, all I get is a white screen. No pics, no nav bar, however the album name and black bar are at the top of the screen.

App #2 is more of a standard album view. Tap the album name get a thumb library and pick which pic you want to see. When I get to the thumb section I see the thumbnails, but when I tap to enlarge nothing but a black screen.

I'd love to give you more info, but that's all I know at this point.

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts as to what could be going on? I'd love to wrap these up and any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • paymasterpaymaster Posts: 152Registered Users
    edited September 2009
    Has the developer actually run the apps on a device on his end, or is he just using the simulator?

    This sounds like code bugs, or maybe discrepancies between the simulator and the device... perhaps a photo format/resolution that the simulator can handle but not the device?

    There can be memory problems on the device that don't show up on the simulator. Maybe the image got deallocated unexpectedly?
  • LOUISELOUISE Posts: 1New Users
    edited January 2010
    In this type of situation if the navigation bar is on there page where it says home, messages, and etc, after the word more there should be there headline title and you move the mouse over to that and hold it down and scroll down and click on "photos".
  • eLewiseLewis Posts: 2New Users
    edited February 2011
    Looks similar to the problem I am facing now with the picture album viewing application created by my developer. I figure out that there are something discrepancies between the simulator and the device. The resolution is compatible with the simulator and not with the device. So I ask my developer to redo it.
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