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IPhone 3GS record video in 3gp or mp4 format

gagandeepbgagandeepb Posts: 88Registered Users
edited October 2009 in iOS SDK Development
Hi Guys,

i am recording video and saving file in 3gp format. It works fine for mov,mp4 and 3gp formats in IPhone, means i am able to record and play in IPhone in all these formats.

But when i try to send this 3gp format file in mail as an attachment it shows 0 kb. For mp4 format it goes well in email.
My concern is size as i want to send them as a MMS in Phone so i want to use 3gp format. Is there any way so we can record video and save in 3gp format?
I am strange why i am able to play file in 3gp format in IPhone but when i send them to server or in phone it does not work.

Is there any other api available which we can use in .NET server side to convert format mp4 to 3gp?

Thanks in advance.
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