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I hope you could help me. This is the scenario:

1.- My client have a RSS with XML.
2.- He wants to publish it into a iPhone.
3.- As you know, the native XML Object for Objective-C really sucks... so, here is my cuestion:

¿There is a library to convert XML to NSDictionary like SBJSON does?

Also for my client policies, I am unable to create a proxy file in my server which could convert the XML to JSON. I need to connect directly to their server.

Or maybe, ¿do you know an alternative XML Parser?

Thanks in advance. CYa!
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  • bugnotebugnote Posts: 183Registered Users
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    touchxml is a very solid xml parser
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    NSXMLParser is a little clumsy, but will do what you want and is quick enough for smaller XML packets.

    Have a look through this article to see if it suits what you are planning to do

    If your XML is coming from a SOAP webservice then this code generator takes all the hassle out of dealing with the SOAP service and also does handle parsing into a NSDictionary (depanding on the format of your XML).

    SudzC (alpha) | clean source code from your web services

    The author is a really nice guy who is very helpful if you need advice when using the generated code
  • Benoit CaccinoloBenoit Caccinolo Posts: 5New Users
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    To easily convert XML to NSDictionary, here is a little lib to do this conversion:

    XML to NSDictionary Converter bcaccinolo's blog

    The code is on Github.

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