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Retina Display ~ How to save images

LarsLars Posts: 183Registered Users @ @
edited July 2010 in iOS SDK Development
I'm trying to understand how to best save my images for the new Retina Display. I use Adobe Illustrator for my work. Should I be do either of these to save my images, or something else?

1) Resize the vectors images by 200% (so a 320x480 is now 640x960), reset my crop marks and save the image as a PNG. Should the image be 72DPI still?

2) Create a new document at 320x480 with a 300 DPI and move my images into that, then save the image as a PNG.

Also, I typically use the "Save for Web & Mobile Devices" options, which I believe is 72DPI. Should I stop doing that?

Thanks for your help. If you don't work in Illustrator, still share your thoughts as I'm sure they are universal to the problem.

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