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saving PDF to iphone gallery

Narender MudgalNarender Mudgal Posts: 156Registered Users
edited June 2010 in iOS SDK Development
Hi all,
I want to create a pdf and want to save that to iphone gallery, so that user need not to open the application again and he/she can open the pdf documents to see the last data, i know to save image to photogallery but is there any thing like this to save pdf also,i am done with creating the pdf and saving it to the application document folder but where to save it so that user can view it with out opening the application.i hope my problem is clear.



  • Har_BenHar_Ben UKPosts: 5New Users Noob
    There's no way you can save a pdf file or any other file except media files in your image gallery! PDF files will go in iBooks section or iTunes U. However there are other 3rd parties app that gives you cloud access to view your saved PDF files in offline mode. Like Google Drive. You can also download a Adobe Acrobat application on your iPhone from App Store to view your PDF and make it read- only file on the go!

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