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elektrobankelektrobank Posts: 256Registered Users @ @
edited August 2011 in iOS SDK Development
I'm looking for some code to do some simple OCR. The characters would be pretty large, not entire documents. Does anyone know of any that would work on the iPhone?
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  • slahteineslahteine Posts: 196New Users
    edited October 2008
    The Tesseract OCR is an open source OCR. It may be too much for your needs, but the OCR code is probably very instructive!
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  • kevpattskevpatts Posts: 2New Users
    edited January 2009
    Did you have any luck with this question? I have a similar interest in getting OCR working locally on the iPhone.
  • johnqhjohnqh Posts: 812Registered Users @ @ @
    edited January 2009
    I have a friend who tried Tesseract. It doesn't work well on iPhone. The camera lens focuses too far.

    I am guessing if the letters are big enough, you could do some processing to make it to work with Tesseract.
  • kevpattskevpatts Posts: 2New Users
    edited January 2009
    Thanks for replying to this. Would you be able to put me in touch with your friend? I will be specifically using the OCR for large text at a distance so the long camera focus will not be an issue for me.

    I'd be very interested in seeing how he was able to achieve integrating Tesseract into an iPhone app or even possibly send me some of his code.

    Thanks in advance,
  • aldoaldo Posts: 1New Users
    edited June 2009
    I went through your posts and I am also interested some OCR functionalities on the iPhone.

    I guess the tests to validate tesseract can be done on desktop just running the recognition on a pictires taken with the iPhone camera. Is it how your friend did the evaluation?

    The quality of the camera is a hardware problem that cannot be solved (or maybe to some extends) with software image processing.
    But the new iPhone has a much better camera with auto-focus and macro mode... so OCR on iPhone could be a reality...

    I am interested in having the OCR working in a very specific context and not in a general OCR application...

    I am wondering what is the amount of work to port the C/C++ code to iPhone?

    Any idea?

  • tfaragtfarag Posts: 1New Users
    edited June 2009
    Hey guys, I'm looking to do the same thing with tesseract. I have it compiled on my machine, and have had some success with images from the web, but nothing with iphone images.

    I have not tried compiling it for the iphone yet. Has anyone had success incorporating this package into an xcode project and had any success training tesseract for the iphone.

    Any help or point me to additional links would be very helpful.

  • sparksosparkso Posts: 565Registered Users @ @ @
    edited August 2010
  • JenJen Posts: 8New Users Noob
    edited March 2011
    sparkso wrote: »

    they are perfect but what about the cost?
    I tried to find out the cost and it's even not listed on their website. From what I get from support - it was something around 5K annually for MOCR SDK licence ...
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