Get the table of contents out of a PDF file

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I'm just trying to implement an PDFViewer. So far I didn't find any sample code that twork without the UIWebview. So I started with this tutorial: Rendering PDF is easier than you thought @ Dr. Touch

Now I can display pages but I also need to get the table of contents. That is what I can't get working :-( What I first found was that there should be an example Code in this folder: /Developer/Example/Quartz/PDF

This folder doesn't exist on my computer and I don't know where to get it from. The I found this "solution", which I tryed to implement, but it didn't work and I also didn't realy understood it. --> Create a table of contents from a pdf file - Stack Overflow

Maybe someone can explain me how to get the data because I Also don't know how the contents data is stored in the PDF file. Are there some tags I have to search for?

Thx ;-)
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  • mofumofu Posts: 13Registered Users
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    Can nobody give me a hint how to do that?
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