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Require iPhone4 only in my application?

sl4tersl4ter Posts: 48Registered Users
edited October 2010 in iPhone SDK Development
Hey guys, I currently have an iPhone app out that has iad and I have weak linked, works on developer simulator, my own iphone3gs with 3.0, but I have put a require ios4 on info.plist for iad to work and have tested with SDK and works on 3g simulator but wont display ads. thats all ok.

so i released it to the appstore (PC ACRONYMS) and now my friends on older iphone 3g, 3gs are having problems downloading my app through iphone or itunes and they have IOS4. It gives an error on install. works fine on iphone4 but having problems with older devices. is there a way to set info.plist to only allow install on iphone4s? my development target is all set and for some reason it still allows installs on 3g, 3gs with ios4 installed. I think im missing something on my info.plist looked everywhere and cant find a solution.

also has anyone had a problem requiring ARMV6 or ARMV7 (this was required when i submitted app) and im thinking its the problem running/installing on older 3g, 3gs, everything runs fine on simulator...
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