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iPad Custom Font Issue

BrianSlickBrianSlick Treadmill Desk NinjaPosts: 10,690Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
edited November 2010 in iOS SDK Development
Client has provided some custom font files for an iPad app. I have:

- Added them to the project

- Included them in info.plist

- Declared some constants
#define kClanProNarrowBoldFontName @"ClanPro-NarrowBold"
#define kClanProNarrowBookFontName @"ClanPro-NarrowBook"
#define kClanProNarrowMediumFontName @"ClanPro-NarrowMedium"
#define kClanProNarrowThinFontName @"ClanPro-NarrowThin"

- And built a sample table
switch ([indexPath row])
   case 0:
      [[cell textLabel] setText:kClanProNarrowBoldFontName];
      [[cell textLabel] setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:kClanProNarrowBoldFontName size:18.0]];
   case 1:
      [[cell textLabel] setText:kClanProNarrowBookFontName];
      [[cell textLabel] setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:kClanProNarrowBookFontName size:18.0]];
   case 2:
      [[cell textLabel] setText:kClanProNarrowMediumFontName];
      [[cell textLabel] setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:kClanProNarrowMediumFontName size:18.0]];
   case 3:
      [[cell textLabel] setText:kClanProNarrowThinFontName];
      [[cell textLabel] setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:kClanProNarrowThinFontName size:18.0]];
   case 4:
      [[cell textLabel] setText:@"Normal"];

However, this is the result:


The result is the same in the simulator and on the device.

The same fonts displayed in Mail on my Mac:


As you can see, the four fonts are distinct. But for some reason, the iPad is displaying 3 of them the same. And the font has been applied, but the line weight is not correct.

I have shared these font files with another developer, and he observed the same results. So I do not currently have a reason to believe it is an issue with setup, file names, etc.

In order to verify that the font names are correct, I did this:
NSArray *array = [UIFont fontNamesForFamilyName:@"ClanPro"];
NSLog(@"array is: %@", [array description]);

...which results in:
array is: (

...which is the same as the strings I'm already using. So no apparent issue there. And the OS clearly knows that I have four distinct styles in this font family.

The other developer conducted a test of the UIFont objects that get created, and here is what he found:
...cell 0x4919760 "ClanPro-NarrowBook" (font [B]0x491a550[/B])
...cell 0x4b4a9c0 "ClanPro-NarrowMedium" (font [B]0x491a550[/B])
...cell 0x4b4ade0 "ClanPro-NarrowBold" (font 0x4b4b180)
...cell 0x491fe40 "ClanPro-NarrowThin" (font [B]0x491a550[/B])

3 of them are the same object. This would explain why 3 of them display the same.

However, that doesn't help me with what to do about it. Mail, FontBook, etc. everything on my Mac shows 4 distinct fonts. This would suggest that either the font files themselves are fine, or Mac OS is more lenient about what it can handle. What can I do to get them to display correctly on the iPad?
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