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Losing imageData for contact when adding to array

DesdichadoDesdichado Posts: 74Registered Users
edited October 2010 in iOS SDK Development

I am creating an array of address book using a method like so:

- (NSMutableArray *)getAllContacts {

    ABAddressBookRef ab = ABAddressBookCreate();
    NSMutableArray *retVal = [(NSMutableArray *)ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeople(ab) autorelease];


    return retVal;

This works just fine, and if in my main method I do this:

    NSMutableArray *contactsArray = [self getAllContacts];

   for (id contact in contactsArray) {

        if (ABPersonHasImageData(contact)) {
            NSLog(@"Contact has image data");

This also works just fine, and for every contact with an image I see the log statement. My problem is that if I use an accessor to set a property of my tableViewController using the same method, I no longer get the NSLog messages.

    myTableViewController.contactsArray = [self getAllContacts];

   for (id contact in myTableViewController.contactsArray) {

        if (ABPersonHasImageData(contact)) {
            NSLog(@"Contact has image data"); //I never see this

Everything else with the tableViewController's array works fine - I can see a list of contacts in my table, select the contact etc, I just don't get any image data any more.

Can anybody tell me why this might be happening?
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