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Question on code structure

hakuhaku Posts: 65Registered Users
edited November 2010 in iPhone SDK Development
I have a couple of functions that will be used by various classes within the app that I'm building, for example one of them is a JSON parser that will be parsing returned data from a web service. As I am making calls to the web service from various classes, I want to define the parser in only one spot, rather than having to declare it in each class it's used.

What I'm wondering is where to place these in my document structure. Right now, I have placed them in my SynapseAppDelegate class (Synapse is the name of my project), and then to call them, I'm using:
SynapseAppDelegate *appDelegate = (SynapseAppDelegate*)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];

and then calling the function off of the appDelegate variable.

Is this a good method? Bad method? Any potential consequences I'm looking at by doing it this way? Is there a better method for doing this?

Thank you.
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