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add 3rd party framework error

bqbqhahabqbqbqhahabq Posts: 116Registered Users
edited November 2010 in iOS SDK Development
hi ~

i try to add custom framework file. files are exist with .h head file and xxxxLibrary.a file.

when I biuld the project i got this error message.

ld: warning: in /Users/aaa/xxxxxLibrary.a, file was built for unsupported file format which is not the architecture being linked (i386)


how can I solve this problem ?!

Thanks so much ~


  • Oliver DrobnikOliver Drobnik Vienna, AustriaPosts: 538New Users, Registered Users @ @ @
    edited November 2010
    bqbqhahabq wrote: »
    how can I solve this problem ?!

    You get this error message if the library is only for architecture(s) other than simulator (i386). libraries are specific to certain platforms: i386, arm6, arm7.

    If the third party does not provide a library for simulator, then you cannot use it there and can only build for device.

    Smart vendors actually make universal libraries (Universal Static Libraries @ Cocoanetics) and package them in a framework because it makes it much easier for developers to use.
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