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Using iPhone GPS to calculate total distance travelled by the user

Super Terry AirlinesSuper Terry Airlines Posts: 3New Users
edited April 2011 in iOS SDK Development
Hi folks,

I am currently working on creating an iPhone app which, among many things, tracks the total distance a user has travelled during any sort of sports game. I am using HTML, CSS and Javascript to code the app. I want to use the iPhone's inbuilt GPS System to compute the total distance travelled.

I was thinking that I could firstly use the GPS to get the user's start position at 0 seconds (t = 0). Calculate the user's new psoition at a time interval (i.e. every 5 seconds) adding the distance travelled in that time to the original distance. I would repeat this loop until the user was finished their session.

However I am not the greatest programmer in the world. Therfore, any advice you could give me on coding this, presumably, in Javacript would be fantastic.
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