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exception when parsing an array in JSON

lucaazorilucaazori Posts: 48
edited May 2011 in iOS SDK Development
hi all, when i try to parse an array returned from my web-service i got this exception :
2011-05-03 23:28:10.021  -JSONValue failed. Error trace is: (
        "Error Domain=org.brautaset.JSON.ErrorDomain Code=11 \"Unexpected end of string\" UserInfo=0x803d8b0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unexpected end of string}"

here is my code :
-(void)requestFinished:(ASIHTTPRequest *)request{
    	   //parse the response
    		NSArray *array=[[request responseString]JSONValue];
    		listeTypesDesCarburants=[array objectAtIndex:0];
    		listeDesEnseignes=[array objectAtIndex:1];
are both a `NSArray`
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