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XML parsing problem (newbie)

Jonathan1984Jonathan1984 Posts: 2New Users
edited August 2011 in iPhone SDK Development

I am fairly new to Objective C but I am having a really odd problem which I cant seem to solve. I am having problem parsing an xml file. Firstly I read a config file, which contains a list of url's of other xml files to be downloaded. I store these URL's in NSString values within an NSObject.

At the point I call my loadXML function I declare a new NSString, and set it to equal the url set within the data object. When my parser function reads this file I log the elements it finds on the page within the parser didStartElement function, it logs the found elements as HTML , HEAD, TITLE, META, STYLE !!

When I run exactly the same process but hard code the address of the xml, it runs perfectly and finds all the relevant elements. When I run a log I can see the function is receiving exactly the same NSString value each time!

Has anyone come across this before or does anyone have any idea as to what I might be doing wrong? Would code examples help?


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