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Need help with displaying html files from local resource with TableView and UIWebView

swifto+1swifto+1 Posts: 2New Users
edited August 2011 in iOS SDK Development
Hi first time here and I need help.
I am using plist to load the tableview with car details, which works fine, then i have a directory of html files in resources, i want to load each file when selected in tableView, into a webView which is in detailView,
a sample or a snippet of code or
any help would be greatly appreciated,
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  • kevinyidekevinyide Posts: 252New Users @ @
    edited August 2011
  • swifto+1swifto+1 Posts: 2New Users
    edited August 2011
    kevinyide wrote: »

    many thanks for your reply, but the tutorial does not help me in as much as it works with one html file and i have over 100 of them, i just need that connection from the table view to the webview that is set up in detailView.
  • mavrik5150mavrik5150 Posts: 194Registered Users
    edited August 2011
    Well that Tutorial actually shows you everything you need to know you just need to adjust it a little to have the TableView Cell that is clicked on pass the path over to the WebView. So depending on the row that is clicked it probably has a HTML page that it's supposed to reference, in the tableview didselect row when you are calling the Webview you would just pass the path from the table view to an ivar path on the WebView.
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