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Settings Bundle is corrupted. Newly added Settings bundle also 'bad': XCode 4.2

mebarronmebarron Posts: 47Registered Users
edited January 2012 in iPhone SDK Development
My Settings Bundle worked and then it stopped working. I found that
it could not be expanded, that is, it had no arrow in front and the
Root.plist was never visible. I deleted the Bundle and add a new file
Settings bundle.
I Added the Settings Bundle
Using the following directions
To add a Settings bundle to your Xcode project:

Choose File > New > New File.

Under iOS, choose Resource, and then select the Settings Bundle template.

Name the file Settings.bundle.

The new Settings bundle has the following structure:





--- end instruction
When the new settings bundle was added, it behaved exactly as the
original one did. That is it was 'empty'. There was no accessible
en.lproj or Root.plist.

I created a new iOS project named Junk. It has a Settings.bundle
Below in Terminal I determine that it contains a Root.plist, but I can
not expand Settings.bundle to get the Root.plist in the editor for making Preferences.

macintosh-2:Cocoa appleuser$ cd Junk
macintosh-2:Junk appleuser$ ls
Junk Junk.xcodeproj Settings.bundle
macintosh-2:Junk appleuser$ cd Settings.bundle
macintosh-2:Settings.bundle appleuser$ ls
Root.plist en.lproj
macintosh-2:Settings.bundle appleuser$
How do I fix this. Many Thanks. Mark
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