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Is Storyboard Good?

LooN3yLooN3y Posts: 177Registered Users @ @
edited November 2011 in iOS SDK Development
I've been trying to combine navigation and tab bar together into my app, but I'm a beginning programmer, and it seems to tedious to me and confusing

what are the pros and cons of storyboard vs coding everything manually.

with the dissapearence of the main window.xib its very hard for me to understand, i know how to manually make the main window.xib but i really have no clue what to do after i make it, and how i connect it to to my 4 view controllers that are tabs in my tab app, and than implement nav controller to one or all of the views (initially i juz needed it on one, but as i add more features I'm likely to need nav controller on each view controller)

so i decided to go the storyboard way and do as little coding as possible.

am i making the write decision?
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  • vogueestyleevogueestylee Posts: 89Registered Users @
    edited November 2011
    storyboard - only fw 4.2 and more..

    so my project what I was planning to run on 3G 3.1.3 must be reprogrammed from the beginning to run on older fw...
  • MarkCMarkC Yorkshire, EnglandPosts: 1,968iPhone Dev SDK Supporter, Registered Users @ @ @ @
    edited November 2011
    Yep, storyboarded apps need to be run on devices running iOS 5 and up, limiting your audience somewhat...
  • LooN3yLooN3y Posts: 177Registered Users @ @
    edited November 2011
    i don't mind copying and pasting some coding and stuff , having 6 xibs was pretty tedious. i like how story board its just all there.

    lol i just need a bigger screen now
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