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This code mostly works but the resulting data seems to be losing a color channel (or something!) The sample image I am using is of a face and the result comes out tinted blue! Here is my code:
UIImage* myImage=[UIImage imageNamed:@";sample1.png"];
CGImageRef imageRef=[myImage CGImage];
CVImageBufferRef pixelBuffer = [self pixelBufferFromCGImage:imageRef];

The pixelBufferFromCGImage method was found on stackoverflow and is as follows:
- (CVPixelBufferRef) pixelBufferFromCGImage: (CGImageRef) image
    CGSize frameSize = CGSizeMake(CGImageGetWidth(image), CGImageGetHeight(image));
    NSDictionary *options = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
                             [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO], kCVPixelBufferCGImageCompatibilityKey,
                             [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO], kCVPixelBufferCGBitmapContextCompatibilityKey,
    CVPixelBufferRef pxbuffer = NULL;
    CVReturn status = CVPixelBufferCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault, frameSize.width,
                                          frameSize.height,  kCVPixelFormatType_32ARGB, (CFDictionaryRef) options, 
    NSParameterAssert(status == kCVReturnSuccess && pxbuffer != NULL);
    CVPixelBufferLockBaseAddress(pxbuffer, 0);
    void *pxdata = CVPixelBufferGetBaseAddress(pxbuffer);
    CGColorSpaceRef rgbColorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB();
    CGContextRef context = CGBitmapContextCreate(pxdata, frameSize.width,
                                                 frameSize.height, 8, 4*frameSize.width, rgbColorSpace, 

    CGContextDrawImage(context, CGRectMake(0, 0, CGImageGetWidth(image), 
                                           CGImageGetHeight(image)), image);
    CVPixelBufferUnlockBaseAddress(pxbuffer, 0);
    return pxbuffer;

I've tried changing the colorspace etc. but no matter I do I get a blue image :)
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