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New Xcode 4.3 compiler warnings - categories

BrianSlickBrianSlick Treadmill Desk NinjaPosts: 10,445Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
Just opened up a project in Xcode 4.3, and was instantly informed of all kinds of new warnings. Most of them were pretty harmless, like "void" on declaration but "IBAction" on implementation, easily fixed. But there is one that I can't figure out how to correct while still maintaining what I want.

Warning message is:
Category is implementing a method which will also be implemented by its primary class

It's pointing at methods in a category that are intended to be private, and are declared in a class extension within that category. It's also flagging some 3rd-party code, so I'm not the only one apparently doing this wrong.

A specific example is:


In ActionValue+BTIAdditions.m, I do this:
@interface ActionValue ()

- (NSString *)textValueFromDate;
- (NSString *)textValueFromPickerValues;


These are private methods used within the category that I do not wish to be public. They are used by some of the public category methods.

The warning itself is placed down where I implement these methods. If you expand the warning to get to where the "original method" is defined, it highlights these lines here in the class extension.

The easy solution is to move these declarations to the .h file, and get rid of the class extension. But then these methods become public, which I don't want.

So, what is the correct way to have private methods in a category? My Googling is revealing what I was already doing.
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