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What do I need when creating a gamig app with login/user accounts?


I'm in the process of creating my first app, a quiz app. I already have a skilled developer lined up who'll set up the game. But, what do I need? Because the game is going to have features like challenging opponents via Facebook, in-game search and randomization. Also there's going to be leaderboards etc. So users will have to sign/create a login first time. Then of course I have to store the questions somewhere, right?

I just sign up for some server space somewhere or what? Thanks! You're really helping this newbie out!


  • htappshtapps Posts: 105New Users @ @
    yes, you'll need a server. i'd go with something cheap at first that you can upgrade, shouldn't cost you more than $10/mo. you'll need your dev to program server side stuff, and probably a database to keep track of win/loss for each user.

    you may want to consider using facebook as your only login method, that way you can easily use their UID for other things in the facebook API
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