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Good software for graphics for games

I've been looking around for good software for graphics in games, but I haven't found much. I have very little artistic talent, so drawing with Photoshop or any other Adobe Creative Suite programs isn't an option. Is there any other much simpler software that'll help me make graphics for iOS games?


  • The_RThe_R Posts: 33Registered Users @
    I use Inkscape and Gimp for my projects. It might take some time getting accustomed to the UI and how things work in them but you can find lots of tutorials on the net to help you out.

    If you are like me and don't have much artistic ability, the trick is to keep your graphics simple by designing game characters that use simple shapes like quads, circles, ovals etc.
  • lgehrig1lgehrig1 Posts: 395Registered Users @ @
    Actually, I've had great luck with Adobe Illustrator - it's like stencils for the graphically challenged. (Now all the real graphics people gonna hate on me! Yes, Illustrator is so much more - but I'm not)

    But +1 to The_R - keep it simple.

    OTOH - if you want crazy complex, check out Blender, MakeHuman, and other such tools - Blender & MakeHuman are open source. It can take a little doing, but you can move a model from these tools into an OpenGL data representation, and you can buy such models all over if you don't want to make them yourself. I've played with doing this, and it ain't easy ... but I imagine by now somebody's scripted it up.
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