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Best way to store data?

GameickGameick ChicagoPosts: 9New Users Noob
Creating an app that does a lot of queries. That is, when a player plays a card it looks to see what combinations it can create, etc.

What is the best way to store this information in the app (local DB? what kind? Just XML?) and also then when there is an online connection, send updated or new information to an online storage so their data and profile isn't lost if they logout and login?

Should I use AWS and get an RDS instance of a DB or will any shared server with a page/listener work?

Essentially, I want to have an offline (their account on their device) set of data that matches the online (all users and back up for their account) set of data.


  • GameickGameick ChicagoPosts: 9New Users Noob
    Also: How much data storage will I need? How "big" is a query and data sent back (times users? times number of queries per battle? ... trying to get a handle on the estimate)
  • RiftsRifts Posts: 196Registered Users @ @
    nsuserdefaults or plist?
  • ShirleyRogersShirleyRogers Posts: 8New Users Noob
    For iPhone app development you can store data in many ways
    1.Using Flat Files
    2. Creating temporary files
    3. Storing Information in an SQL Database
    4. Adding a database to your project
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