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Apportable or Cocos2D for Android

The AOCThe AOC Posts: 23Registered Users @
My team just finished making a sports game on iOS, and we are exploring the most feasible way to port to Android. The app was developed in Cocos2D, and it took about 3 months to complete from scratch. One Developer suggested Cocos2D for Android would be the best strategy, however, they also explained that it would take 3 months to port the app over. Some of their justifications were because of the physics and other details being parallel with using Cocos2D for Android.

I disagree, and I believe that Apportable is a better solution. They are unfamiliar with Apportable. I also understand that Apportable has Cocos2D API's, so it should not take 3 months to port the game over using it. I would like to know if anyone has knowledge on either or both platforms, and worked with either to port a game over to Android. If so, how was the process in comparison to iOS Development, which is better, and how much time was saved in using it? All help is greatly appreciated!


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