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Best way to securely store in app purchases?

tommekevdatommekevda BelgiëPosts: 2New Users Noob
edited May 2014 in iOS SDK Game Development
Hi guys,

I was wondering what you think is the best way to store in app purchases?
I currently have a game in the appstore that stores it's in app purchases in a clear text file in the /Documents directory on the phone. I know this is not the best way to do this but i can't find anything concrete and usefull to accomplish this securely.

If anyone could give me some pointers or somewhere to look, that would be great.



  • jennifersmithjennifersmith AustraliaPosts: 7New Users Noob

    I think you need to use the Keychain to store in app purchases.

  • OnlyJoeOnlyJoe New ZealandPosts: 5New Users Noob
    I am not sure what you are getting at here. This is going to totally depend on what your in app purchase is. For may things it just unlocks code that already exists in an app, or adds virtual currency, which doesn't require anything to be stored.

    If it is something like an image that is unlocked, the best way is to have the image downloaded when it is purchased. I am pretty sure you can host some files with apple, using itunes connect, or host them on your own server. This way the item is not even present in the app until it is purchased. So even if your app is cracked, people still can't get the content without paying.
  • tommekevdatommekevda BelgiëPosts: 2New Users Noob
    i just need to store that an in app purchased has been purchased in order to unlock the content. but i don't want it to be easy so that people can just edit the files themselves.
    i'm also storing consumable data.
  • KennicKennic Posts: 84New Users @
    store user purchase 'tag' using NSUserDefaults with AES256 encryption, with your own key rule, no one can break it.
  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    Obviously anything that can be user-editable is a no no.
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