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Noob game development

benwhelan94benwhelan94 United KingdomPosts: 1New Users Noob
I am looking into developing IOS games, and i want some hinters on what direction to head into, based on my following aims.

I am a amateur programmer, and have only recently started to experiment with pygame (python), game programming, i initially aimed to design the games through python then port them across but this seems near impossible. So i'm stuck with the decision of either learning objective c/swift, or using the game design software out there like game salad.

I'm looking to design free apps with which i can place adsense ads in. I have looked into using game salad to design games, however they don't allow self integrated ads. Is there any simple game design software which allows me to do this without learning objective c?

I'm not totally against the idea of learning languages to properly code games, and if suggested are there any good game design tutorials in objective c? or modules similar to pygame in python.

Ultimately i'm doing this to make money as appose to a love for game design, however i am still interested in the subject. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou


  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    Unity3d, try it its free for mobile, also adsense for mobile development is called admob :)

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  • SeafoamSeafoam Santa Barbara, CAPosts: 2New Users Noob
    If you are trying to produce a lot of games without worrying about code, one option available to you would be "flipping games"

    This means you buy the code for a game (let's say some flappy bird knock-off) and then change the graphics to whatever you want. Slap ads into it and push it into the app store.

    I'm not a fan of this sort of thing but it's definitely an option that a lot of people do. My advice however would be to start learning objective c or swift. (If you start learning swift, you won't even be behind the curve as most people are learning it now)

    Either way, best of luck. Feel free to message if you have any more questions. My team and I have been developing iPhone games for a couple of years now.
  • RyanITLabRyanITLab Las Vegas, NVPosts: 4New Users Noob
    Hi - I'm part of a small game studio called DigiSky Games.

    We developed our games using Corona SDK -

    It took some time to learn, but Corona comes with some sample code to get you started and has APIs for Facebook, iOS, and IAPs
  • MickTompMickTomp BelarusPosts: 1New Users Noob
    We use Agile, it's fast and allows to apply any changes a customer may ask for without any delays.
  • freelancer77freelancer77 the worldPosts: 101New Users @ @
    there are a few i've looked into, Unity3d, Platino, Corona, Gamesalad, Game Maker, and a few more.

    it really depends on what type of games you want to make, i found corona to be pretty good, gamesalad too is good if you don't want the nitty gritty control that code gives you.

    also, i'm pretty sure its against adsense TOS to put it into sofware. i looked into it one time, but maybe it has changed since then.

    the three rules of game development that i've found are:
    1. You need lots of Art
    2. You must have lots of Art
    3. You will need lots of Art and it can be expensive

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