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Draw a line or something else in spritekit ?


I have a wordsearch game that i try to convert to spritekit. When a user slide the finger on a word, the game should draw a line.

With Uikit, i have use the CGContextSetLineCap and KCGLineCapRound to draw a round corner line and allow some transparency.

With spritekit i'm a bit lost. I have found SKShapeNode and CGPathMoveToPoint to draw the line but there is no round corners. I have try CGPathCreateWithRoundedRect but i don't have found a easy way to draw diagonal lines with this method.

In fact, if there is a way to draw a line with some effect or texture like chalkdust or orther cool things to highlight the word, it would be awesome. But i'm pretty new to spritekit and i don't know what is possible or not.

I hope someone can help me, it's the only part i have to make to finish my update.


  • ubunterosubunteros Posts: 40New Users @
    I just have found a way with CGPathCreateCopyByStrokingPath, there is a var into to set kCGLineCapRound.

    I still let the question open to know if i can apply some texture on it. I have read that SKShapeNode are not very optimized, if i could do the same line with SKSpriteNode, it would be nice to avoid some bugs.
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