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Tool for remote config of mobile game starter pack?

Hi all,
I'm new to the forum, but have been doing game programming for a while. I'm looking for a way to configure my user default "starter packs" (e.g. 200 coins + 1 sword upon app install) based on the profile of the user like country, gender, age, traffic source. I don't have this information nor do I want to collect and analyze it myself in hardcoded ways... I need something that I could later dynamically change the logic. E.g. today, 100 coins for Russian users and 200 coins for US users, but tomorrow 100 coins for male French guys and 150 coins to everyone in India.. well.. you get the point smile.png

Anyone knows existing tools to help me get this done (because frankly this sounds like a good middleware candidate to me)? I'd appreciate some assistance smile.png

Note: I am evaluating an easy-enough tool called trophit with a "twist": I am using external ad campaigns to define user segments (russia, male, etc) and using trophit to link those to starter packs through trophit dashboard, so when a new user arrives to my app, he gets a starter pack respective to the ad campaign that drove him into the app.

Is anyone familiar with the tool or any alternatives to perform this type of starter pack config (again, without hardcoding everything myself)?

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