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Appropriate Tile size, map size for ipad game?

NhaNha South Korea, SeoulPosts: 1New Users Noob
edited May 2015 in iOS SDK Game Development

I'm planning for making a 2D isometric game with cocos2D for ipad game.

but I wonder, what tile size should I use?
On the Internet, people said 2048x2048 is adaptable size for ipad game. But in the Tiled Editor,(I use that for making game map.) if I set isometric and tileset by 64x32, then I can't fit to 2048x2048.

(this image is screenshot of Tiled.)

As you see that image, the map size is 3072x1536. I changed width and height tiles number so many times, but I can't fit into 2048x2048..

If I want to make like Springfield game map size, what tile size and how many tiles should I use in Tiled editor?

(This is my Springfield game screen on ipad, maximum enlargement size)

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