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Which leaderboard?

JonPMJonPM Posts: 159New Users @ @
I am thinking of adding a leaderboard to my trivia game, but I'm really not sure what the best route is. All I basically need is a daily/weekly/monthly leaderboard. I don't know if using Game Center, FB, or Google Play services is a bit overkill for my need? Maybe I'm better off just creating my own and hosting it on my server?

Pro's of using big name system (Google play, Game Center, etc):

Overkill? More difficult to implement
User has to log in (maybe many users don't like this?)

Any advice would be great


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    The pros of using Game Center, is that it makes your app more attractive to Apple. Apple will be more likely to "promote" your app should they like it. Plus Game Center is easy to implement.
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