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The Mystery of the Crystal Cup Premium Version

carestcarest BulgariaPosts: 103New Users @ @
Hey there, It’s a great game Hidden Object that I'm sure you gonna like it: Hidden Object: The Mystery of the Crystal Cup Premium Version!!!


We are glad to present a new fantastic game in the genre of "I am looking for" entitled «The Mystery of the Crystal Cup» You'll have to go to an ancient and forgotten city to defeat an evil witch who has cast a curse on the world. This curse, having broken away from the clear crystal goblet, has led to unimaginable destruction, and now you need to prevent a disaster. Explore the colorful locations, solve puzzles and uncover all the secrets.

- More 20 Levels ans Bonus Levels
- Addictive atmosphere of the game
- A huge map of the world
- Unique mini-games
- Beautiful scenes


Download a Paid version of the game on the link:

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