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which 3d model format ???

zinsidezinside Posts: 14Registered Users
edited July 2010 in iOS SDK Game Development
there are lot's of 3d formats : MD2, MD5, FBX, AC3D, Collada ...

which one is best suited for iphone :
3d model with texture and animation

thank you for your help



  • bigbangvnbigbangvn Posts: 1New Users
    Hey, i have the same question. I'm trying to read md5 animation example on iphone, it's difficult to use
  • BonnieOlsonBonnieOlson Posts: 1New Users

    Hi ! As per my opinion I recommend MD5.

    MD2 is a model format used by id Software's id Tech 2 engine and is thus used by Quake II as well as many other games. An MD2 file begins with a fixed length header followed by static model data such as texture coordinates. MD5 is very good for file size and is widely open for use and easy to work with as it is stored as ASCII plain text. It is not supported by any versions of Glest, MegaGlest or GAE, but may be considered in the future. One good thing about MD5 is how it stores meshes and animations separately into two formats MD5MESH (stores mesh and skeleton) and MD5ANIM (store skeletal animation).

    Features of MD5

    MD5MESH - Model Mesh with Skeleton
    Stores individual meshes and mesh names (objects)
    Stores wireframe and normals
    Links texture to the model and maps it to the mesh
    Supports double-sided and single sided meshes (teamcolor or transparency)
    Stores a bind-pose skeleton and bone weights (links skeleton bones to vertices)
    MD5ANIM - Skeleton Animation
    Stores skeletal animation
    Compatible with all MD5MESH meshes that have a matching skeleton
    Uses a base frame to base other frames off (saves space)
    Stores a bounding box for each animation frame
  • rincharincha Posts: 4New Users
    I'm using FBX with animations and the textures in different folders, because I normally reuse the textures
  • Millie5Millie5 Posts: 1New Users
    edited March 2013
    I am using and prefer AC3D..

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    Millie Almeda
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