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RhadeRhade Posts: 661Registered Users @ @ @
edited March 2011 in iOS SDK Game Development
People don't seem to be getting the message, so I guess some things need to be spelled out.

What is allowed here:

* Questions related to iPhone/iPad game development.

What is NOT allowed here:

* Advertising. There is a Shameless Advertising forum for this purpose.
* Promo codes. There is a Promo Codes forum for this purpose.
* Anything else that is not a question related to iPhone/iPad game development. Seriously, we have a lot of forums here. Make better choices about which one is appropriate for your post.

And here is a pro tip, kids: If a moderator warns you about something, and you continue to do it anyway, there's a pretty good chance that your account will be banned. When you receive this exact PM:
If you continue to post shameless advertising in any forum other than Shameless Advertising, your account will be banned. This will be your only warning.

...then don't be surprised when your account is banned the next time you come back. And don't bother complaining about the injustice of it all.
Do not quote questionable posts.
Do not post moderator requests in public. Send a PM.
vvvvv ---- Use the flag button to report spam.
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