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How to increase font size in xcode

mrab54mrab54 Posts: 4New Users
edited December 2010 in iPhone SDK Tools & Utilities
Can somebody please tell me how to increase the font size in xcode? It is at size 10 by default, which is absolutely ridiculously small. However, not as ridiculous as how hard it seems to be to change the font size. When you go to change the font in the preferences, first it asks to to make a copy of a font template so you don't mess up what already is a mess. Then, it looks as though you would have to change the font for every category of text which is around 30 or so. But the great thing is, it wont even let you change the font size! I can't even google an answer in 15 minutes. Not only that, it took me another 5 just to find a forum that actually had more than 100 posts total. My eyes are now burning, my head aching, and I am in serious need of a beer, maybe a six pack, to calm me down.

I wouldn't be surprised if this lengthy post doesn't go through due to some http error, leaving me to write it all over again. Thank God the copy button works, I think.

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